Paul Davis – Technical Director

31Paul has been working on computers since he was at school (in those days it took a very large computer to complete a very simple task). He is a founder member of the company and keeps a tight rein on all the technical aspects. His favourite saying is “someone sent a boy to do a man’s job”. He likes a very shiny car and will discuss the “two bucket method” with anyone who has lost the will to live. He favours “ding free” large parking spaces at the outer reaches of car parks. He likes to help out at live gigs in his spare time and is the sound engineer for his local football team.

Kate Davis – Director

Kate in a basketOnce described as “the glue that holds it all together” Kate is a founder member of the company. She has been working in the IT industry since 1989 even though she is only 21. Her average day can cover anything from a support call to a bin emptying fest and she likes to be called the “Queen of Green” for introducing a recycling policy to the office. She likes long walks and spending time in her garden.

Sally Barrett – Director

SallySally has been involved with computers since 1989 when she mistakenly put her hand up thinking she was being offered a piece of cake – she was being asked if she wanted a pc to run the accounts. She is amazed how long she has been doing support and her favourite saying is “it’s never boring, is it?” She has realised that she’s spent far more time with her colleagues at Indigo, than her husband and kids over the past 25 years and probably everybody is better off because of it.
She enjoys visiting the beach and photographing groyne number 51, tasting red wine and parallel parking.

Liz Webber – Director (Now Retired)

LizLiz originally worked as a Legal Cashier but after the installation of new Legal Accounting Software found she enjoyed the Software side more than the Accounting and has never looked back. Liz is a founder member of the company and is involved in most aspects within the company. Out of office hours Liz enjoys holidays on her Canal Boat or enjoying an overnight stay in the large TeePee in her garden with her husband and family.